2024 Scholarship Application

2024 Scholarship Application

Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating Arizona homeschool seniors whose families are currently AFHE members. Recipients are chosen based on specific criteria. Please be sure to read application information for eligibility requirements and details about applying for a scholarship.


All students submitting an application and the required supporting documents will be considered for an AFHE general scholarship. In addition, there is a designated scholarship available which has specific criteria. If you meet the criteria and wish to apply for the designated scholarship, please indicate submit the additional items required.

AFHE Member

Please provide a student bio paragraph telling a little bit about yourself, your interests, and your future goals. This paragraph may be published in an AFHE publication or on the website along with your photo should you be selected to receive a scholarship. This paragraph should be 100 words or less and written in the third person.

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CRITERIA: The donors are looking for a civic-minded student with a Christian worldview who seeks to apply Judeo-Christian values in order to positively impact policy and culture.

COLLEGE MAJOR OR FIELD OF INTEREST:  Journalism, Law, Public Policy, Business, Political Science, Economics, or related fields.

ADDITIONAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: A student-authored two-page essay on how your call to public life will impact the foremost challenges of our day for the Kingdom of Christ and the betterment of our society.


CRITERIA: The donors are looking for a homeschool student who is interested in entering one of the following building trade schools.

BUILDING TRADE SCHOOLS: Fiber optics, Masonry, Carpentry, Construction, Electrician, HVAC, Machining, Manufacturing, Pipefitting, Plumbing, Welding.

ADDITIONAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: A student-authored two-page essay on how your desire and call to enter the building trades will impact our world for the Kingdom of Christ.


Applying for Lewis Scholarship
Applying for Molinari Building Trades Scholarship Scholarship