2024 Welcome Bag Application (Non-Exhibitor)

2024 Welcome Bag Application (Non-Exhibitor)

Application for non-exhibitors to advertise in the 2024 AFHE Convention Welcome Bags. No payment is required at this time; invoice is sent upon approval of the application.

When you complete the form and click “SUBMIT” please check your email for a confirmation message. If not received in your inbox, check spam/junk folders first and then contact vendors@afhe.org if no email has been received.

One insert is a flat promotional item/piece of literature that can be picked up by the bag stuffing team in a single grab. Can be an individual brochure, flier, postcard, or multiple pages that are folded and stapled or otherwise secured together (up to 8 pages). Magazines and catalogs that are more than 8 pages are a higher fee. Approved advertisers will provide 1,600 copies of of their insert for AFHE to place in the bags.

Please indicate what type of insert you are applying to have included in the Welcome Bags.
Please confirm email address.
Terms of Participation

I understand that inclusion of my insert in the welcome bags is not an endorsement by AFHE for my product, service, company, or organization.

I understand that inserts may not include promotion of public-school-at-home programs, publicly-funded K-12 online options, taxpayer-funded education options, local private school programs, or other programs that are otherwise outside the focus of this event or AFHE’s mission.

I understand that once my application is approved by AFHE, I will receive an invoice and my payment is due ASAP to reserve my spot in the welcome bags.

I understand that shipping/delivery information will be sent to me on May 16, 2024.

If I have to cancel or am unable to get my 1,600 inserts to the Welcome Bag Coordinator by the deadline, I understand that my fee is non-refundable. Inserts received after the deadline may not be included in the welcome bags. Once the bags are stuffed, no late arrivals can be included.

I understand that AFHE reserves the right to decline this application without further explanation if the item I'd like to have included in the welcome bags does not fit AFHE's mission, philosophy, purpose for this event, or objectives as determined by the AFHE Board and Convention Director.