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Free Resources for those Considering Homeschooling

AFHE provides free resources for families considering homeschooling. Find hope instead of an overwhelming uphill battle! Downloads included.

How do you climb Denali? How do you build a rocket and send it into orbit? Or compete in a decathlon? Is that how it feels when you consider the prospect of homeschooling your kids?

Walking away from the familiar into the unknown can be mighty intimidating! That is especially true when the stakes are high. Few things are as important as your child’s education. Is it really possible for parents to take charge of this vital area and be successful?

We get it! Parents just like you have been concerned about the same questions, faced the same unfamiliar territory, and wondered whether homeschooling was possible for their family. Here’s good news: you’re not alone and help is just a few clicks away!

AFHE’s set of three free MP3s provides a great way to get started, as you listen to experienced homeschool moms address those common concerns and share how you can get started in this new endeavor.

Doing anything worthwhile takes effort. Climbing Denali or building a rocket might seem beyond your abilities, but when you get connected with someone who has done it before and can shed light on the unknown, the challenge looks completely different, making something intimidating into something exciting and inviting!

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Note: Because this event took place in Arizona, descriptions of the legal aspects of homeschooling may not be the same as in your state. To learn up-to-date information for your state, visit or

4 replies on “Free Resources for those Considering Homeschooling”

June 6, 2021
Hello all,

I have some hs books that i want to get to hs’ers, i used them years ago to hs my 3. Hoping y’all have a way to help me get them out there to brave hs’ing parents…thank you.

Susan Wininger

Where do I start? I have a special needs son, whom I was doing virtual school with for over a year. I would like to continue doing his schooling at home. We have never home schooled. Where fo I get curriculum? Do I need to “enroll” him somewhere?

Hi Miranda,
You can find information on getting started at our website on
You might also consider joining a couple of our FB groups. It is a great way to ask quaestions of the members who have possibly navigated their homeschooling with a similar situation as yours. Her are the links for you if you are interested: AND

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