Designated Scholarship Fund rev 2024

Designated Scholarship Fund rev 2024

The Designated Scholarship Fund allows you to personalize and apply additional conditions to your donation. The designated scholarship can be set up in the name of an individual, family, business, or other entity. The minimum amount is $1,000.


For example, Titan Electronics, Inc. Scholarship; Smith Family Scholarship; Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Type

Enter the amount of the scholarship for one year. 

Award Distribution
Scholarship Renewable

Is the scholarship renewable for the recipient if the criteria are maintained?


For which year(s) of college may the student apply for this designated scholarship? The default will be Freshman year only unless otherwise indicated by the donor. 

Please indicate any required criteria for the recipient of this designated scholarship to meet. Designated scholarship preference criteria can be based on:

  • Academic achievement, integrity, conduct, financial need, character, leadership, professionalism
  • A particular collge, university, or trade school
  • A particular field of study
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Undergraduate or post-graduate degree program
  • ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT results, etc.
Terms of Agreement
I understand that upon review and approval by the AFHE Scholarship Committee, I must provide payment in full for this designated scholarship no later than December 31. I understand that AFHE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and this donation is tax deductible. I will not receive any goods or services in exchange for this donation. AFHE will provide me with a tax-deductible donation acknowledgement letter. I understand that the scholarship recipient selection process will be handled by the AFHE Scholarship Committee. If I have indicated that this is a renewable award, I agree to fund the scholarship for the recipient for the number of years indicated above. I understand I may increase the amount in any given year and that I determine the longevity of this scholarship. I understand that if there are no qualified candidates the money will carry over to the following year’s scholarship application process. I understand that the Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Fund Application is open to any homeschooled student whose family is a current member of AFHE, and that the applicants must meet the general scholarship requirements in addition to the donor-designated requirements. I understand that my relatives are ineligible for this particular scholarship.