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2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative Session is underway at the Arizona State Capitol. AFHE’s Legislative Team is reading bills and watching for issues that may impact homeschool freedom.

Happy new year from AFHE’s Government and Legislative Affairs Team. It’s amazing that we are almost to February!

As most of us are back into our homeschool routines after the holidays, ninety Arizona legislators have convened at the State Capitol, some of them for their first session. The new legislative session began January 14, but most legislators began preparing weeks in advance.

This will be the first regular session of Arizona’s 54th Legislature. Arizona lawmakers will be working countless hours this session, hopefully to further establish Arizona as one of the best states in which to live, work, and raise a family.

As we head into this new session, we remember the legislators who have devoted years to preserving homeschool freedom in our state. A special thank you to President Steve Yarbrough, who recently retired from the legislature. He has served in key leadership roles in both House and Senate, including as President of the Senate. Senator Yarbrough is an incredibly effective advocate of school choice and a dear friend to the homeschool community.

We are proud of the two bills AFHE supported the last two sessions. In 2017, we successfully urged the adoption of HB 2389, which requires government entities in the state of Arizona to recognize a homeschool diploma and transcript in the same manner as a public school diploma for employment. And, in 2018, we supported HB 2536, which extends the same college credits to homeschool students that public school students receive at our JTEDs (Joint Technical Education Districts such as West-MEC and EVIT). Both bills were sponsored by Representative Rusty Bowers, who was selected in November by the Members of the House of Representatives to lead their chamber as the Speaker. Speaker Bowers was the recipient of AFHE’s Friend of Homeschool Freedom Award in 2017, and we are glad to see him continue to lead with a commitment to excellence.

Arizona lawmakers have filed hundreds of proposed bills for the new session. The AFHE Legislative Team is already searching and reading through these bills to ensure the protection of your homeschool freedoms as well as those of the next generation.

We look forward to a wonderful session and want to invite you all to join us in prayer for continued success in our mission to preserve the freedom to homeschool in Arizona.

Allison Gentala
AFHE Board Member
Director of Government Affairs

8 replies on “2019 Legislative Session”

I apprecaite you all very much for the support and hard work you do for us home-schooling families.
My prayers are with you.

Thanks, Alexus! It’s our honor and joy to serve our beautiful Arizona homeschool community. We are stronger together and we are so blessed to live and homeschool in a great state like Arizona!

After watching how quickly Colorado changed, and now New Mexico, I can’t help but worry if AZ isn’t next. Thank you for all you do!

We have a good homeschool law here in Arizona, Deena, and we are vigilant about watching for any threats to our freedom. We are blessed with a strong community of families, and we know that if something that would potentially erode freedom did come up, we’d have a lot of parents like you who would make calls to legislators and elected officials. Thanks for your stand for freedom!

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